Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding DFW Honor Flight.

Veterans who have served during war time are eligible to apply with HFDFW. To be considered by the VA to have served during wartime, a veteran need not have served in a combat zone, but simply during one of these designated periods.

WORLD WAR II (Three eligible categories)
European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign-Medal (7 Dec. 1941 to 8 Nov. 1945)
Asiatic - Pacific Campaign Medal (7 Dec. 1941 to 2 Mar. 1946)
American Campaign Medal (7 Dec. 1941 to 2 Mar. 1946)

AMERICAN MERCHANT MARINES - In oceangoing service during the period of armed conflict, 7 Dec. 1941 to 15 Aug. 1945

KOREAN WAR - 27 June 1950 to - 27 July 1954 (eligible for the Korean Service Medal)

VIETNAM WAR - 28 Feb. 1961 to 7 May 1975

LEBANON - 25 Aug. 1982 to 26 Feb. 1984

GRENADA - 23 Oct. 1983 to 21 Nov. 1983

PANAMA - 20 Dec. 1989 to 31 Jan. 1990

PERSIAN GULF - 2 Aug. 1990 to

SOMALIA - 17 Sept. 1992 to

BOSNIA - 21 Nov. 1995 to 01 Nov. 2007

KOSOVO - 24 Mar. 1999 to


OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM - 19 Mar. 2003 to 17 Feb. 2010

OPERATION NEW DAWN - 17 Feb. 2010 to

No. At the present time, we over a hundred veterans on our waiting list and many more who will apply this year. The only spouses who are permitted to go are those who are veterans themselves.

Sadly, the answer is "no." Again, we simply do not have the resources, funding, or seating available to transport all the veterans who are presently on our waiting list.

The cost is FREE for World War II, terminally ill veterans, and Korean War veterans. You do not need to bring any money, unless you intend to purchase souvenirs.
Guardians pay their expenses on the trip which is approximately $600.

Veterans are flown on a "first-come, first-served basis". Top priority is currently given to World War II veterans and veterans with terminal illness. Our second priority is to Korean War veterans and then Vietnam War veterans.

YES! Such veterans go to the top of the list for the next flight.

No, HFDFW well see to it that wheel chairs will be available for the veterans to use during the trip.

Yes, there are a few, including getting on and off tour buses, but we can help you.

Our funding comes from private donations from individuals and companies who recognize the great accomplishments and sacrifices of veterans. In addition, we participate in North Texas Giving Day and hold an annual Golf Classic to raise funds.